Embracing agile ways of working, creating continuous integration while ensuring delivery of high-quality software.

We use DevOps at synvert TCM for the initial setup required for all other areas of a project.

Our DevOps Engineers apply software best practices to Infrastructure as Code; creating the cloud infrastructure needed by a data project. They ensure that monitoring is placed to understand when a system is considered operational and set up alerts to highlight when it has become unhealthy, automating any remediation actions where possible or bringing the issue to the attention of operational support teams.

By creating CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) workflows, our DevOps ensure that system updates are properly tested and measured for quality before releasing to production; preventing risk and bugs from being introduced.

Whatever it may be, DevOps sits at the foundation.


What makes DevOps hard?

One example is that cloud providers make great web consoles that allow for very quick experiments; however, they typically abstract a lot of the underlying complexity required – a couple of button clicks here and there may be performing several commands behind the scenes.

A cloud provider will also generate their own out-of-the-box metrics for the services being used, but they won’t include any information which is specific to your application.

This is fine for one-off deployments but having to repeat the same process for multiple environments whilst ensuring consistency throughout is very soon going to become slow, and at some point, human error will be introduced.

Infrastructure as Code is the art of creating predictable, repeatable templates that can be applied as many times as required. They are verbose, contain a lot of low-level information and in some circumstances can take quite a long time to develop.

How can we help

Our clients need to be able to have their cloud infrastructure up and running quickly, without it, other team members can be waiting for systems to be ready before they can progress with certain tasks.

synvert TCM has over the years developed and maintained high-quality Infrastructure as Code templates to cover various common patterns often used with data projects. We can take your requirements and identify where we have areas of re-use and accelerate the initial phase of your project. Once a project is completed, we will provide you with a copy of all our templates so that you are enabled to maintain your platform going forward.

If you have an existing monitoring and alerting system in place, we will ensure that anything we produce is fully integrated, but if you don’t have anything we can recommend a solution to you.

Where we can help

We know that DevOps for data projects is very different from other systems, such as websites and API-based applications. synvert TCM can:

Create you an entire cloud-based data platform that can be deployed into as many environments as you require

Setup CI/CD for infrastructure, data engineering, BI and data science aspects of your project

Work alongside your existing DevOps teams, adopting any standards and best practices you have in place already

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They completely transformed the way we review our MI, a game-changer!!

James Slater, Operations Director, Direct Accident Management Ltd

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