Data Engineering

Providing integration with complex data sources, to enable Data Analytics and Data Science.

Data comes in a varied range of different formats. It can be flat CSV, JSON, XML and even Excel files. It could be available by querying an API, a database or subscribing to a data stream. There are so many ways that data could be available, but to use your data, it needs to be integrated with your data platform.

Data Engineering is the work involved in getting data into the system so that Data Analytics and Data Science can happen, ensuring that your business stakeholders have up-to-date information in their reports.


What makes Data Engineering hard?

To make Data Analytics and Data Science efficient, your data needs to be made available in a standardised format, removing the need to handle data differences in multiple software locations.

Data engineers focus on creating your data lake, ensuring that data is properly isolated and secured from each other and partitioned according to the most used access pattern for performance.

They need to adapt to the different complexities and nuances that each data source may come with.

How can we help

synvert TCM has extensive experience in handling different data sources. Our Data Engineers have existing applications ready for common data sources and can quickly configure data integration.

Our team can develop something bespoke for you when data is needed from a system that we have not integrated before.

Our Data Engineers work closely with our DevOps, enabling network communication between systems and that any credentials are encrypted, usage of which is audited accordingly.

Where we can help

synvert TCM’s Data Engineers are ready to help you with Data Ingestion of data sources such as files in CSV (or any delimited file), fixed width, JSON, XML, Excel, and log files as well as traversal of APIs using REST, SOAP, RPC or GraphQL protocols. Other sources include databases either by means of CDC (change data capture) or direct querying of tables.

We can also help with:

Creation of a data lake, standardising data into partitioned NDJSON or Parquet files

Cataloguing your data, enabling you to meet GDPR requirements

Classification of data sources and setup of different levels of access

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