Crimson Macaw becomes synvert TCM

We’ve got some BIG news, we’re now synvert TCM.

While we have been part of the synvert group for some time, we are now working increasingly closely together to bring all our group services to the UK.

To help drive this we’re updating our name to synvert TCM. This puts our membership of the group front and centre in everything we do in the UK marketplace.


synvert TCM adds strength and reach to the synvert group, as the UK, is the largest single consulting & SI market in Europe. We are fully committed to synvert’s vision of creating a leading global group that delivers high-quality end-to-end data and analytics solutions.

synvert today is a group of six connected, successful, full-service data and analytics consulting companies. The group is currently active across Europe, the UK, and MEA. With over 450 D&A consultants, over 1000 delivered projects and 250 customers, our future together opens a door for clients with joint, shared skills and technologies.

Ron Collins, Chief Executive Officer at synvert TCM said:

“synvert TCM has the capabilities and expertise I need to help me serve the complex needs of clients working with cloud-native components on large-scale data with advanced analytics. The group gives me the depth of expertise and support to grow a significant UK business.” 

About synvert TCM:  

synvert TCM is a data and analytics, consulting firm delivering services and solutions across the information value chain. It specialises in cloud-native architectures, solutions and tools across AWS and Azure. It has become a trusted partner across multiple industry verticals including Financial, Services, Travel and Transport and Manufacturing. We’ve managed many projects and clients across the UK.

synvert TCM has expertise in popular cloud-native technologies such as Snowflake and traditional providers such as Ab Initio that have developed cloud-native versions. Through these, we solve complex data integration problems and engineer key components for data fabrics and meshes. This is supported with support for developing data strategy, governance and advanced analytics.

About synvert:  

synvert is a group of six successful consulting companies. They provide data and analytics solutions, enabling companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantages from data.

With more than 450 data and analytics experts, synvert covers the entire data analytics value chain, from data strategy to the operation of analytics platforms. synvert has a presence in Europe, the UK, and MEA.

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