COVID-19, business continuity statement

By Paul Grosart – COO

synvert TCM (formerly Crimson Macaw) is closely following official advice for keeping our customers and colleagues safe. We decided to ask all our staff to work from home from March 10th onwards. Our staff have responded admirably and remain committed to delivering excellent service for our customers.

We regularly test our business continuity and we are confident that we can work as effectively as normal. All our staff have encrypted laptops with VPN software that allows full remote working. Staff have multiple collaboration products from different vendors in case of a vendor failure (such as that which occurred on Monday 16th March to Microsoft in the EU region). In the event of a serious issue with land-based internet, we have a DR office outside of Liverpool on an industrial estate with mobile broadband capability. The site is easily accessible to our staff but isolated compared to our Manchester city centre offices.

Our Senior leadership and management teams are focusing on delivering for our customers whilst ensuring the safety and well-being of the team. We have regular check-ins, these include remote social hook-ups to maintain morale.

synvert TCM is continually monitoring and following external advice from the World Health Organisation, national and local government, and by feedback from its customers. We will adapt our policies based on this advice and directives where necessary.

Having spoken with our key partners, we are also confident in their plans. Meaning that our supply chain and platforms we operate on behalf of our customers will be unaffected. Furthermore, please stay safe and together we can limit the impact this virus will have on all our lives.

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